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The practices of Yoga and Nia can change your body, your health and your life.  Breathing techniques, mindful movement and meditation practices support your body, mind and spirit.

At Heart & Sole Yoga we believe that everybody regardless of age, gender, color, background, fitness level, or physical condition can participate in movement and benefit from developing a yoga or Nia practice. 

We invite you to breathe deeply, strengthen muscles, learn focus, relieve stress, practice balance, and move mindfully to your ability.

We will help you find a class that meets your needs, so you can fully experience the numerous health benefits of both Yoga and Nia.  We offer private classes for one-on-one, or small groups, as requested. 


See Current Classes for a listing of the classes being offered.  

Our classes are on-going, so new students are welcome to begin at any time.  The Friday morning schedule has changed to offer a Nia MoveIT class, as well as chair Nia/yoga.  There are spaces available.  Contact the studio to sign up.



Please register for classes by contacting the studio via email, by phone, or in person.  We will help you to find a class that meets your needs and secure your spot.  If you miss two consecutive classes without notifying the studio, your spot can be reassigned.  NO informal drop-in students are allowed at this time.   Please contact us to see if a DROP-IN space is available for you.

All classes are $10.  Rates are lower for punch cards of 10 classes or more.  (see rates)

Please contact Lisa Sandin with questions or to register for classes.  You can contact the studio via email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), or by phone at (231-592-5289), or stop by the studio before or after class times.


COVID-19 Safe Practices:

Currently masks are optional for students to be worn inside the studio and during your practice. It is possible all students will be requested to wear a mask indoors. We are trying our best to respect everyone's needs and concerns, however the safety of our vulnerable students is paramount. Your patience and tolerance are appreciated. Many thanks.

Covid -19 safe practice compliance restrictions as stated by the CDC are followed.  We ask all students to be mindful of their health.  CDC guidelines include hand washing and face masks when needed.   We have chosen to continue to keep class sizes restricted.





We believe all beings deserve freedom and personal autonomy. We invite you to visit our Social Justice Resources page to learn more, raise awareness, and find ways to take action against racism.  We stand with Human Reproductive Justice, Disability rights and LGBTQIA+ rights.  You can also review policies regarding sexual misconduct and Covid-19 on their respective pages: Sexual Misconduct Statement and Safe Practices