At Heart & Sole Yoga we believe that everybody regardless of age, gender, fitness level, or physical condition can participate in movement and benefit from developing a yoga or Nia practice.  We invite you to breathe deeply, strengthen muscles, learn focus, relieve stress, practice balance, and move gently to your ability. We will help you find a class that meets your needs, so you can fully experience the numerous health benefits of both Yoga and Nia.


The Tuesday February 12th Basic Yoga Class at 5:30 is cancelled.  Check back for a decision on Wednesday's classes tomorrow morning.  Let's see what the overnight weather brings.  The roads are poor now and 2-4 more inches of blowing snow are expected this afternoon and evening.  Drive safely.  We can always do yoga in the spring.

This month marks the start of our eighth year in business.  Let's journey on together.