Photo of studio windows from insidePat shares:

As someone who knows the healing power of Yoga (doing Yoga regularly cured my lymphedema) I appreciate the therapeutic healing approach Lisa takes with all of her students in every class.  She is always cognizant of everyone’s physical needs and makes suggestions or accommodations to fit those needs.


Harpreet Singh MD shares:

I have referred many patients to Lisa Sandin and everyone has told me she is the best in the business. If you want to be pain-free, go to Lisa Sandin and let her help you with the magic of Yoga. Recommend Lisa 100%


Sarah shares:

I went to my first Nia class with no idea of what to expect. I loved it! Now, Monday evening is my favorite weeknight.


Deanna shares:

LISA!!! I adore you!! Thank you for changing my life and helping me see so many     amazing things about myself! YOU are a blessing!!


Sue shares:

I went to my first ever yoga class and found it very inspiring! Lisa is excellent! Everyone was so nice and helpful.


Myrna shares:

Lisa is a very caring instructor and makes the class fun. I have enjoyed the class from the very beginning a year ago. Thank you Lisa for helping me grow stronger.


Barbara shares:

Do you have to be perfect to practice yoga?  No.  Do you have to be willing to move toward perfection?  Yes.  Yoga teaches me to do what I can do with the body I have, supported by the instructor, fellow students and the beauty of the practice.


Paula shares:

I have felt a true connection with Lisa since our first class together. She has helped me with my yoga practice, in general and also working with my problem areas. She has also helped me with my meditation practice, which has all led me to a better peace. I am honored and blessed to have her a part of my practice, and my life.

Peggy shares:

Through Lisa's enlightened teaching, I've learned much about life in the process of learning to use yoga for centering, calming, and healing.


Jodi shares:

Yoga to me, isn't about the ability to wrap my feet around my neck or standing on my head. I know that I'm never going to be able to do that. Instead, it's about improving my breath, posture, flexibility, strength and balance. I'm going to need all of that as I age. Yoga is not a quick fix. It is one that lasts.


Marcia shares:

The qualities that make Lisa an excellent yoga teacher are her gift of openness and her desire to make yoga accessible for everyone regardless of any physical challenges a student might bring to the mat. She truly practices yoga as a healing art, as a spiritual path, and as an integrative and transformational life-force. We are fortunate to have her in the Big Rapids community.


Mary shares:

I'm thankful for Lisa's Gentle Yoga class, which mixes elements of relaxation, core-strength building, and yoga pose adaptation, when needed, to accommodate individual strengths and limitations.