Sexual Misconduct Statement

Last Modified: January 2020

Heart and Sole Yoga and Nia teachers, as members of Yoga Alliance, are fully in agreement with the policies established by Yoga Alliance regarding Sexual Misconduct.  

Yoga Alliance serves to promote and support the integrity and safety of yoga practice and education. It is with a sad understanding we acknowledge that, as with many industries, the yoga and wellness communities are not immune to troubling acts of sexual misconduct. As an organization dedicated to serving yoga schools, teachers, and students, it is important we openly acknowledge this reality and simultaneously commit to implementing actionable policies and visible/accessible safe spaces to turn the page on this history.

Acts of sexual harassment, assault, or criminal activity of any kind made by any yoga school or teacher are unethical and illegal. These actions and behaviors will not be tolerated by Yoga Alliance. We condemn the physical, mental, emotional, financial, or spiritual abuse of any yoga student.  

Yoga Alliance™ believes that everyone has the right to practice yoga free from abuse. To achieve its goal of providing high quality, safe, accessible, and equitable environments for the practice and teaching of yoga, the conduct described in the definitions of this Policy will not be tolerated.

For additional information and the complete Policy, visit the Yoga Alliance website.